Southeastern Florida Radar Loop


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Radar Status Message from NWS
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The WSR-88D radar used here is located near Miami, FL (AMX on the map), and the images are generated from raw Level 2 data using only the lowest scan elevation available (typically 0.5°). Images are updated every 4-10 minutes, depending on the radar's scanning mode (VCP).

City labels: Homestead (HST), radar site (AMX), Kendall (KEN), Coral Gables (COR), Miami (MIA), Miami Beach (MBC), Miami Shores (MSH), Hialeah (HIA), Pembroke Pines (PBP), Hollywood (HOL), Sunrise (SUN), Fort Lauderdale (FLL), and Boca Raton (BOC).
Square markers: select sites are marked with a small dark red square: Miami Int'l Airport (north of COR), UMiami (south of COR), NWSFO/NHC (west of COR), and Fort Lauderdale Int'l Airport (south of FLL).
• Range rings are shown in green every 20 miles from the radar location.
• State, US, and interstate highways are drawn in gray; county lines in blue.

The areal coverage on a blank map includes additional labels, and a series of successively zoomed-in satellite images shows the detailed location of the radar (a red dot highlights the radar's location in the top three panels).

The timeliness of the most current image depends on the radar scanning mode, plus a fixed processing time. The chart below gives approximate optimal delay times between the actual base scan and the image being updated. You can force this webpage to refresh as often as you wish (SHIFT+reload), but it will automatically refresh every 4 minutes unless you click "Don't Refresh".
VCP     SCAN (min)     PROCESSING (min)     TOTAL DELAY (min)
---     ----------     ----------------     -----------------
 12         4.1              2-3                   6-7       
 11         5                2-3                   7-8       
121         5                2-3                   7-8       
 21         6                2-3                   8-9       
 31        10                2-3                  12-13      
 32        10                2-3                  12-13      

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